Why NFL teams are building luxury hotels in America

The NFL and other leagues have long been taking a more hands-off approach to their business in the United States, even though it’s still lucrative.

It’s been a boon for the league in the states and a boon to American businesses that rely on American players.

But there’s also a backlash that’s been building.

The hotel industry is on the cusp of a crisis.

Here’s a look at the issue and what we know about it.

The NFL has said it’s looking into the issue of hotels in the U.S. But that hasn’t led to any major changes in the way the NFL operates.

The league and the league’s owners are in the midst of a long-running dispute about how the league should treat hotels in their territories, and the union is also pushing for changes.

The owners have argued that the leagues need to be more transparent about their business.

They also want to be able to charge higher rents for players’ hotel stays.

The players, however, have been pushing for a way to bring down hotel room prices, especially during a downturn.

That includes the NFL’s efforts to rent luxury hotels, which are currently paid for by a franchise fee.

The union has pushed for an industrywide cap on hotel room rates, and it has also asked the league to include a minimum-cost cap in its contracts.

The cap could lead to some big hotels becoming “hotel towns,” where players can be charged significantly more than the average U.D. hotel.

The new hotel cap would not affect players’ wages, which would be taxed at the hotel rate.

The caps would also not affect the NFL owners’ ability to negotiate lower hotel rates for players, according to a source with knowledge of the negotiations.

The issue is complicated by the fact that hotels are typically built in a way that they’re not connected to a hotel.

But even without a cap, the hotel industry in the cities where they’re built is at risk.

It may be that hotel owners are making a mistake by building in areas where they don’t want their players to be, the source said.

The industry is already feeling the pinch of lower hotel prices, and there are reports that hotel prices have been falling in some cities as a result of the hotel caps. In the U