Aloft hotel opens in Mumbai with three-star luxury suites

The hotel has been in operation for about two years now, but the company is now in the process of opening its first hotel, which it has dubbed Aloft Hotel Mumbai.

The hotel will have three-bedroom suites, including two full-size rooms.

Apart from the suite, the hotel will also have two double-bedrooms, three double-bunked double-occupancy rooms, and three double rooms.

The first rooms will be reserved for the guests of the hotel, while the rest of the rooms will belong to its employees.

The company has set up a Twitter account for the hotel which will post pictures of the new hotel.

Aloft hotels have been opening in other cities like Mumbai and New Delhi, but Mumbai was the first to open its own.

The Dubai-based company has been making waves with its innovative hotel designs.

Its hotel rooms are designed to look like a mini-metropolis, with a futuristic feel and a futuristic decor.

It has been attracting a lot of attention.

Its rooms are currently being booked for Rs.10 lakh per night, which is roughly double the price of other hotel rooms.