Which hotel should you stay at?

Sacramento hotel chain Hilton has unveiled plans to add luxury hotels in major US cities in an attempt to woo millennials, with the aim of drawing in guests with the promise of higher wages. 

The new hotels, to be built by the Hilton Worldwide group, will include an upscale, luxury suite, the largest of its kind in the world. 

“The future of hospitality is to offer an experience that has been so difficult to find in the past,” the company said in a statement. 

Its plans for the new hotels come as Hilton’s share price has dropped to its lowest level since January after the company announced it was cutting jobs, laying off staff and raising prices. 

Hilton is facing increased competition from other hotels, including the Marriott brand. 

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In a statement, the company called the decision to cut jobs a “necessary step to improve the hotel’s profitability and strengthen its strategic positioning.” 

Hicks spokeswoman, Kristin Johnson, declined to say whether the company would keep the hotel as part of its portfolio. 

Other luxury hotels that are on the rise include the Pimlico resort in London and the Regency hotel in New York.

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