What you need to know about Leavenworth hotel suites, suites at the top of the list

Leavenbury Hotel Suite 5, the suite at the highest elevation on the main concourse of the Grand Hyatt hotel, has a view of the convention center and is in the center of the hotel, and has been available since 2014.

Leavenaugh Suite 5 is also the suite most likely to contain a pool or spa, with the suite itself having been on the market for over 20 years.

It is available with the following amenities: Breakfast included in the cost of the suite, a full-size bar, complimentary Wi-Fi access, and a private elevator.

Levenaugh Suite 4 has been offered as well, and the suite has also been on sale for several years.

The suite has an open-air lounge, a spacious private terrace, a private kitchen with a full bar, and an open fireplace.

Lebensborn Hotel Suite 1, the room in the middle of the lobby of the Hyatt, is the room with the most room available.

It has a full kitchen, an open balcony, and is available in five rooms.

The room also has a balcony with a fire pit, private balcony, full bar and a full bath.

The Suite 2 at the end of the concourse has been on offer since 2013 and the Suite 3 at the back of the main hall has been for the last six years.

Both suites are located on the same floor of the grand Hyatt.

Rooms at the Grand Palace have the same amenities as Leavenaughs, including a full dining area, a large terrace with a private bath, a spa, a balcony overlooking the convention hall, and access to a large open-fronted pool.

Rooms on the upper floors of the Royal Palaces and the Royal Courts of Justice are also available.

Rooms in the Grand Royal Hotel and Grand Hyat are only available to hotel guests with an active invitation.

Leavings at the Hilton Garden Inn and the Hilton Residence Inn are both available for purchase, and there are also two suites on offer in each.