Which hotels in Southern California are the hottest?

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In today’s episode, we are taking a look at what the most interesting hotels in southern California are, including some of those with the highest rents.

One of the hottest properties is the newly opened luxury resort and resort-style hotel at Cresco Bay in San Diego, CA.

It’s the second luxury resort hotel opened in the Bay Area, following the hotel in San Francisco Bay and the hotel at Sunset Beach in Santa Monica.

There is currently a $50,000 to $75,000 price tag for the hotel, which was built in a historic building at the time of the Great Depression and is located in a residential neighborhood in the Santa Monica area.

It is a very unique property.

It also offers a very convenient location to get to and from the beach.

There are a lot of amenities.

The hotel has a large pool, a gym, a fitness center, a rooftop bar, a sauna and a steam room.

The main restaurant, which is the restaurant at the beachside hotel, is a popular restaurant.

There’s also a beach house.

There were many guests who went to the hotel during the Super Bowl and during the games.

There was a lot more room, a lot less people, but that is the way it is.

So, the hotel was a little more expensive than a typical luxury hotel.

The pool has a 30-foot depth, which means it has a lot better diving, but it’s also not a pool that is going to give you the same amount of protection.

It doesn’t have that deep a pool as a hotel would, and there is also a small water slide and a smaller one at the end of the pool.

It has a very low-ceilinged, and it’s only 10 feet.

It provides more privacy than a standard hotel would.

The price tag is $75 million.

This is one of the highest-rent hotels in the state of California, so it’s very exciting.

But, there are other hotels that are more affordable.

The new hotel is being built on a site that used to be an old coal mining site.

It will be one of five hotels on the island, and the first is the $150 million luxury hotel at Lake Tahoe, CA, which opened last year.

It features the famous Tahoe River Walk, the world famous pool and spa and a massive pool deck.

It had been a luxury resort for a while, and now it’s an upscale luxury hotel that offers a lot.

This was a project that started a couple years ago, and they are now getting ready to open the hotel.

This hotel is a luxury hotel with some very nice amenities, but, at the same time, it’s a lot cheaper.

The other luxury hotel is in the small town of La Quinta, California, which has a $150-million luxury hotel built in the 1930s.

It was built to house some of La Señora’s top executives.

The project included an underground parking garage and a high-rise hotel with a private deck and pool.

There have been other projects that have been built on this site.

The $175-million hotel, with its high-end amenities, is located just a short drive from the airport.

It opened in November of 2016.

The most popular luxury hotel in California is at the new Cresco Bay resort and hotel in Santa Barbara, CA., and it was opened last May.

It offers a nice array of amenities, including a pool and sauna, a spa, gym, outdoor swimming, and a restaurant.

The resort and the $75-million resort hotel are both very large, with the Cresca Bay resort measuring more than 9,000 square feet and the Crespo Bay hotel being even larger.

The Crescanas luxury hotel was designed by James L. Johnson and opened in 2008.

It now has more than 4,000 rooms and includes a hotel bar, gymnasium, spa, indoor pool and outdoor pool deck, and three restaurants: the La Jolla Restaurant, La Jona Grill and La Jolla Restaurant.

The newest and largest hotel in the resort area is the new $125 million luxury resort at Paradise Point in San Bernardino, CA,.

It opened last July.

The 1,500-room hotel has been designed by David L. Katz, who has been designing and building luxury resorts for 40 years.

He also designed the upscale luxury resort in Costa Mesa, CA at the site of the former Pacific Gas & Electric plant.

The original plan was to build the resort in an industrial park in San Luis Obispo County.

The proposed site for the resort was in the town of Paradise Point, which would have been located just outside of Paradise.

But it turned out