Hotel Morro Bay’s ‘Bali-like’ hotel to open by November

Hotel Moro Bay, which has been the focus of a media campaign by the hotel industry lobby group, Hotel Industry Australia, has announced that it is opening by November.

The hotel will be a 4,000 sq ft suite of suites, the largest of its kind in the country.

The facility will be part of the $7.5 billion Hotel Industry Development Corporation project, which aims to modernise the economy in the region by developing hotels, residential developments, retail, cultural activities and other activities.

According to hotel industry representatives, the hotel will provide a “modern, modern setting”.

They said the facility would be built in a “Bali style” with “a natural setting”.

The project is set to start construction in 2020, the Hotel Industry Association of Australia said in a statement.

The Bali-style settingThe Balsas resort, which is the site of a former military base, was once home to about 400 military personnel and about 150 private military contractors.

Hotel Industry said it will be built on an existing military site.

The Balsam resort has long been known for its hotels.

It is a major hub for tourists visiting Bali.