How to make your own beer and wine at home

When you think of Chicago, you probably think of the city’s vibrant nightlife, but you don’t need to go far to find delicious craft beer and delicious wine.

Here’s how to make beer and wineries at home.


The Chicago Craft Beer & Wine Festival is a yearly event.

While you could spend a whole day visiting the fest, you’ll have to get there early.

It’s held every March in downtown Chicago, and the best part is that it’s open to the public and costs just $35 for adults and $30 for kids.

It gets crowded, so you might have to take a cab to get here.


The Festival has some great food options.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, there are also a few good options for beer, including the Pilsner Festival, a yearly food truck event that features locally sourced and raised meats.

If it’s not your thing, you can also try some of the beers made by local breweries and winemakers.


Chicago has a very active community of beer enthusiasts.

There are plenty of breweries in the city, and there’s also a great craft beer scene, which is made up of a group of independent breweries that are often in competition for the attention of beer lovers.

You can see who’s making the best beer in the world, or if you’re a die-hard craft beer fan, check out the Beer Hall of Fame.


You don’t have to be a beer geek to enjoy Chicago’s beer scene.

Chicago is one of the top craft beer markets in the country, so there’s plenty of local breweries to enjoy.

It can be difficult to find great local beers, so it’s good to check out some of these great beer bars in the area.


The beer scene in Chicago is always evolving.

This year, the Chicago Craft Wine & Beer Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary, and they’re expanding the festival to include food, too.

They’ll be hosting food trucks and other special events, and if you want to taste some great craft wine and beer, there’s a ton of options in the new festival area.

Check out the full list of events and festivals for more details.


You should definitely get a ticket to the festival.

Tickets to the fest go on sale on March 10, and you can buy them online for $35.

You’ll need to buy your tickets on Eventbrite or Amazon, though, as it’s unclear whether you’ll be able to get them in person.

Tickets are also limited to one per person, so if you get lucky and get a spot, you might not get to go. 7.

The best way to enjoy a Chicago beer is with a good friend.

The city’s craft beer drinkers are so much fun, so many of them are open to new friends and families to come hang out with.

You might even see a bunch of them at the festival!


Chicago’s craft beers are great.

If Chicago is your dream destination, you’ve probably seen some of our favorite craft beer brands.

Check them out in our list of the best craft beer bars and restaurants in the Chicago area.


You could save money at the craft beer festival if you have a car.

There’s plenty to do around the city to get out and enjoy some beer, so don’t forget to grab a beer and a seat in the car, too!

Here are a few things you can do to save money when you’re heading to the Chicago beer festival: Visit the craft brewery of your choice, like Pilsen, which has some of Chicago’s best-selling beers.

If that’s not enough, try some craft beers at your local brewery.

Pick up a bottle of wine or a glass of craft beer.

Check the list of local restaurants to see what’s on tap.

Check with your local pub to find a great spot for dinner or to enjoy some food.

Find a nearby bike path and get out there!

Make your own delicious beer with some friends.

Find some of your favorite local breweries at the fest.

Get a free craft beer at the brewery and get your friends to make a great one with you.

If a local brewery isn’t on your list, you could still try some other beers made at home, such as the St. Bernardus Brewery and Chicago Craft Brewers.

Get out there and enjoy the festival with your friends!