How to get a room at an underwater hotel

In 2019, the first of its kind, the International Hotel & Resort Group (HIG) will open its new underwater hotel in Houston, Texas.

It’s called the Royal City Hotel and will offer an exclusive, three-day stay for $1,000 per night and a complimentary pool.

HIG hopes to attract some of the same travelers who have come to its hotels and resorts in recent years.

In 2017, HIG opened a $500-per-night hotel at the Houston Convention Center in a major expansion to the Hilton Houston Downtown.

That hotel, which opened in November, has been well-received by visitors, with more than 500 people staying there in its first year.

Hotel rates for the Royal Cities Hotel will be slightly higher than those at the Convention Center, but the difference in rates will be minimal.

“We want to attract the type of guests who have not been to our hotels in the past,” said Julie M. Jones, vice president of operations and brand development for HIG.

“It’s a little bit different because they’re not coming for a traditional one-night stay.”

HIG, based in Washington, D.C., is a joint venture of the Houston Hotel Association and the Houston Chamber of Commerce.

In 2018, the group signed a lease with the city to operate the hotel for five years.

“Houston is one of the top hotel destinations in the world, so we are excited to partner with the Houston hotel industry and build our first underwater hotel,” said Mark R. Bittman, president of the hotel association.

In 2019 the RoyalCity Hotel and Resort will feature a two-bedroom suite, two-bathroom bathtub, two private bath, and a separate kitchen and bathroom.

The hotel will offer complimentary pool access and amenities for guests staying there, including spa, a private gym, and access to a private beach.

There will also be a full-service bar and catering services.

Hotel guests who make reservations for the hotel will be able to reserve their room at a discounted rate, but hotel rates will not be waived.

The Royal City will open to the public on November 15.

The Houston Marriott Downtown Hotel and Residence is scheduled to open to guests on May 20.

The new hotel will feature two- and three-bedroom suites, private baths, a kitchen, a dining area, and private gym.

The rooms will have all the amenities of a hotel, including WiFi and complimentary pools, but guests can expect to pay an additional $300 per night for a two person suite and $1.50 per person per night per guest.

The two-and three-room suites at the hotel are available to rent for $2,750 per night, while the private baths are available for $3,400 per night.

A separate dining area and pool will also go on offer at the RoyalCities, and all of the amenities are included in the hotel rate, including complimentary food and beverages, a complimentary towel, complimentary spa services, and complimentary security.

The cost of the rooms at the Hilton Hotel Downtown Houston is $3.50 a night per person, while suites at RoyalCaries Houston costs $3 per night in the same area.

The Hilton Hotel has a strong tradition of offering luxury, modern hotels in Houston.

The company also operates a hotel in Atlanta, and in 2018 it opened a hotel-style resort in Las Vegas, which is currently the largest resort in the United States.

The Hilton Houston will have the same facilities as its sister hotel in Las Vegas, but with better amenities and amenities on-site.

The resort will be designed to provide guests with the luxury and amenities they expect from a high-end hotel.

The suites will have spa services and private pools, while a private outdoor terrace will be available.

Hilton has been expanding the Houston Marriott’s guest experience and has launched a new suite suite in the Houston Hilton Downtown.

Guests will be offered the opportunity to choose a suite at the cost of $300 a night, plus complimentary food, beverages, and an outdoor terraces.

In 2019, Hilton’s Houston Marriott Hotel and Downtown will offer suites in two- or three-bedrooms for $250 a night.

Each suite will have a separate private dining area with complimentary beverage service and a spa.

The pool and spa will be complimentary.

Hilton will have additional suites available for guests to reserve on a first-come, first-served basis.

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