Arizona hotel offers ‘no excuses’ to guests to stay on the hotel floor

Arizona hotels are being urged to offer guests the “no excuses” option to stay in their rooms while in-room service is suspended.

The Arizona Republic reports the state has announced a series of new rules aimed at helping hotel guests deal with an increase in hotel cancellations, but it appears the new regulations aren’t working.

The state is banning guests from entering rooms or suites while they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or tobacco, and requiring them to stay away from bathrooms or showers that have been left open during a scheduled stay.

The rules also allow hotel guests to be ejected for “any act of disorderly conduct,” including “attempted physical assault” and “unlawful conduct.”

In addition, the state is restricting how long a guest can stay in a hotel.

Hotel guests will have to stay “on the hotel’s property” for 10 hours during the entire time a hotel is under the rules.

In other words, guests can’t use their rooms as a place to do laundry, change clothes, and shower.

Hotels have been forced to close or relocate due to the increase in cancellations and lawsuits.

The Associated Press reports the new rules are designed to prevent guests from trying to force their way into the hotel to stay.

But the rules are not expected to address the issue of guests being forced to leave rooms while they’re drunk or high.

The new rules, which go into effect Oct. 31, will include additional protections for those with mental health or substance abuse issues, according to the Arizona Republic.

They include prohibiting guests from staying in the hotel “for more than 90 minutes without leave, and for longer than 24 hours without leave.”

The new rule also mandates that guests report “any suspected violation of the rules or the hotel staff or guests” within 30 days.