Which hotel is the best in the UK?

With a $2,000 deposit, the cheapest hotel in Australia is a Melbourne-based hotel.

That hotel has a 2,000-room minimum occupancy rate, with a minimum stay of three nights.

The average stay is three days, but the minimum stay for single rooms is two days.

The best hotel in the country is an Auckland hotel.

With a minimum occupancy of 6,000 people, the average stay for a single room is four days.

It all depends on how you want to stay in Australia.

For example, if you want a four-star hotel, the price is the same, but you get a free room.

But if you are a family, or a young family, you can expect to pay around $1,600 a night.

The most expensive hotel in Sydney is a $5,000 luxury hotel.

The room rates are the same as Melbourne hotels, but with a $1.5 million minimum occupancy.

It is a 10-star luxury hotel with a four day minimum stay.

A three-star, one-night-only hotel, such as the £4,200 hotel at Sydney Harbour, can only offer a room rate of $3,000 a night, while the most expensive resort hotel in Melbourne, The Bay Hotel, is $2.5-million.

The cheapest resort hotel on the island of Tasmania, the Sunshine Lodge, is a two-night stay for $2 a night in the lowest occupancy.

The cheapest room at a five-star destination hotel in New Zealand, the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, costs $1 a night and a five night minimum stay is $1 per night.

The most expensive, three-night stays in Australia are the three-bed, three bedroom rooms at Sydney’s Gold Coast, with rooms starting at $4,800 a night with a six-month minimum stay, and $5.3-million for a seven-day stay.

For a four bed, four bedroom room in Melbourne’s CBD, you are looking at a $3.3 million rate.

The average room rate in Sydney for a two bedroom is $4.1-million a night on average, while a five bedroom room is $7.5 per night in Melbourne.

The lowest rates in Australia at the moment are the $2-million minimum and $3- million one-bedroom rate for three-bedroom rooms.