Which hotel brands will dominate in 2019?

When it comes to the biggest hotel brands in 2019, austin, ahwahne, sybaris, and sybaric are the top names to watch out for, according to the latest Nielsen Hotel Rankings.

With more than 40,000 hotel rooms across the country, austins brand name is one of the largest in the industry.

The Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide hotels all boast austin brand hotels, while the Perth hotel chain, which owns the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, also holds an important place in the Sydney hotel industry.

And with a long list of properties under its belt, it’s no surprise that austin has a huge presence in the hospitality industry.

Here’s a look at the top hotel brands from Sydney to Adelaide in 2019.


Australian Outback and West Australian hotels The Sydney Harbour hotel chain owns a significant stake in the Australian Outbacks Hotel Group, which runs two hotels in the area, and owns the Adelaide Hotel Group.

The Outback Hotel Group is the only company in the country to own the iconic Australian Outdoors Hotel brand, which is popular with tourists in the Outback.

The Adelaide Hotel group owns the luxury Adelaide Hotel and the Sydney Harbour Hotel.

The two companies have a significant share of the hospitality market, with the West Australian government-owned hotel group having a 42.9% share in the business.


Sydney hotel brands with a large Australian OutBACK hotel brand A number of Sydney hotels have been listed as Australia’s Top Hotel Brands in 2019 and are the subject of fierce competition.

In September, hotel chain The Star Group, based in Melbourne, listed The Outbacks, and is also in the process of buying The Sydney Marriott Group.

Both companies are owned by Sydney’s Royal Group, a state-owned business which has more than 2,300 hotels across Australia.

The Star group owns The Sydney and The Gold Coast Hotel chains.

The Melbourne Hotel Group owns the West Coast Hotel and is the sole owner of the iconic Melbourne Hotel.

And while the Adelaide group owns Sydney’s iconic Harbour Hotel, it is still looking to acquire its share of Australia’s hospitality industry after the Sydney Hotel Group’s $3.6 billion acquisition of Hotel Indigo last year.


Top Australian hotel brands based in the state of NSW There are three Sydney hotel chains in the top 25 list for 2019: The West Australian Marriott Group, owned by the state’s largest business, the Royal Group of Australia, and the Gold Coast Marriott Group (also owned by The Royal Group).

All three of these companies are part of the West Australia Group, whose holdings include the Harbour Hotel Group and the Star Group.

Four other Sydney hotel companies, including the Perth Hotel Group are also listed in the Top 25.

In terms of hotels, only the Adelaide Marriott Group is listed in Sydney’s top hotel market, while there are two Melbourne hotels in Australia’s top 25, the South Coast Hotel Group (which owns The Harbour Hotel) and the Adelaide Hotels Group (the owner of The Harbour). In terms