When will you leave?

As the holidays near, there are a lot of options for getting out of the house.

Some hotels will stay open on weekends and some will stay closed on holidays.

But there are some hotels that you can expect to see open on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Here are some of the best hotels to stay in when it comes to staying in Chicago.

Read more about the best hotel options in Chicago and the best time to visit.

Hotel ChartsThe following table shows hotel and resort occupancy statistics for Chicago over the past year.

These statistics are from hotel industry sources, not from hotel chain websites.

Hotels with fewer than 5,000 guests were excluded from the data.

The most popular hotels are the top five most popular destinations, followed by the two mid-tier hotels and the two boutique hotels.

Hotels with more than 5 or more than 10,000 people are excluded from all comparisons.

HotELS IN CHICAGOThe following hotels have been listed as the most popular to stay at in Chicago:The Chicago Marriott Marquis in the Loop at 20,000 hotel rooms.

The Chicago Hilton at 40,000 hotels.

The Hilton Chicago, at 38,000.

The Chicago Hyatt Regency at 39,000, at the top of the list.

The Hyatt Chicago, in the heart of the city, offers a great selection of top-of-the-line luxury accommodations and a great value.

In addition to the top-rated Marquis and the Hyatt, the Hyatts also offer the popular Chicago Hilton, the Chicago Hyatts, and the popular Hyatt Hotels.

The city also has the following mid-level hotels:The North Point at 22,000 rooms, the North Point Chicago, the Midpoint Chicago, and several other mid- and lower-tier properties.

The Northpoint at 21,000 locations, the Downtown Crossing at 11,000 and the North Shore at 6,000 lodging options.

The Marriott Marquitos at 19,000 (outdoor), the Marriott Grand Marquis at 18,000(outdoor) and the Marriott Chicago at 17,000 options.

The Grand Marquise offers a number of features including an outdoor pool and bar.

The Holiday Inn at 11.5 million rooms.

The Grand Hyatt at 11 million (outdoors), the Holiday Inn Chicago, Grand Hyatts Chicago, North Point and North Point North Shore are the most common hotel options.

Hilton Chicago at 34,000 lodgings, the Hilton Chicago at 35,000Lodgings are the cheapest hotel options, but they do come with some limitations.

The hotel can’t accommodate more than two guests.

Lodgers must be 21 years or older, and they must have valid US and Canadian passport.

Lodgers have to use a hotel reservation system.

The Hotel Chicago also requires that you bring a photo ID to make reservations.

The hotel does offer a number a perks including free Wi-Fi, access to a rooftop deck, free Wi‑Fi, and free fitness classes.

HotEL DETAILSHotels in Chicago have a wide range of options, from boutique to mid-range.

The top-tier and mid-class hotels offer a wide array of luxury accommodations, while the lower-level options have a smaller selection of options.

Here is a brief overview of the most important hotels to check out on Christmas Eve and New Years Day.

Top hotels in ChicagoHoliday Inn Chicago Hotel Marquis Marquis Chicago Hotel Midpoint Hotel Grand Hytt Marquis Grand Hypert Hotel Holiday Inn Marquis Hotel Holiday Lakeview Marriott Marquist Hotel Hotel Marquiss Marquist Chicago Marriott Hotel Marquist MarquisChicago Hotel Marquin Marquis Midpoint MarquisMidpoint MarquistMidpointMidpointMarriott Marquis The Grand Hyat Marriott Marquiss Grand Hy-At Marquis Marriott Marquise MarquisGrand Hyatt MarquisMarriott Grand Hyt MarquisHotels on ChristmasDayThe following are the hotels in the Chicago area that are open during the holidays:The hotel in the Rosemont neighborhood of Chicago is the most famous, but other options are also available.

The Rosemont Hotel Marquise is the top choice for holiday travelers, and it’s available throughout the city and to the suburbs.

The Marquis is also popular with residents, but it is not open during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Rosemont Marquis offers an outdoor swimming pool and outdoor patio with dining in the lobby.

The Marquis also offers an indoor swimming pool, and there are several restaurants and bars that are located in the hotel.

There are also many more hotel options open during holiday season.

In general, these options include the following:The Grand Marquises Hotel Marquice offers a range of accommodations.

The rooms are the best in Chicago, with outdoor swimming pools, indoor swimming pools and a bar.

There is also a restaurant inside the hotel, and some restaurants offer discounts on food and beverages.

The Lakeview Marquis, which is