How to stay safe in Maui hotels

Hawaii has been hit hard by Hurricane Matthew, which has knocked out power to more than 1.3 million people.

The state’s tourism industry has been hammered, as well.

Here’s what you need to know.


Maui is in danger of becoming another tropical island as it is hit by HurricaneMatthew.

This is a photo taken at Maui’s Grand Maui Beach Resort.

(Photo: Michael McCurry, USA TODAY)2.

Many Maui residents are staying in hotels instead of staying at home.

Many have not been told about the dangers of staying in a hotel during a hurricane, said Maui County Sheriff Jim Tait.

Some of the hotel workers were at the beach waiting for the tide to come back.

They are also staying in the hotel, Tait said.

“They are making it pretty clear they are not going to leave their homes,” he said.3.

Most of the hotels that are on Maui are booked up.

The majority of the Maui hotel guests have canceled their reservations, which means they are staying at a hotel, but they don’t know it yet.

“We have to wait until we get a call from our hotel,” said one hotel employee who declined to give her name.

“It is really sad because we know we will be able to book up the room and stay there.”4.

If you need more information, visit the National Hurricane Center.

Here is a list of some hotels in Hawaii that are not on the National Weather Service Hurricane Warning list.

If it is not listed, it may be too late.


A couple of hotel guests are trying to get their money back, but it will take several days for them to get it back, said one of them.

“The hotels are very vulnerable and it is going to take a couple of days for everything to be cleared out,” she said.


The number of hotel rooms in Mauai is shrinking.

The hotel industry is in a crisis.

“If we are all on vacation and there is a hurricane in Mauau, it is a big problem,” said a hotel worker who declined by name.


There are no refunds for hotels.

The resorts are going to need a lot of money to clear up the damage, said a resort employee.


If a hotel is not clear of damage, people are leaving, and the hotel is empty.

There is not much food available at the hotels, and they are just filling up rooms with tourists, said the hotel worker.

“I have to say it is sad, because I have heard the people are really struggling,” she added.

“People have not received any help, and I don’t want to put them in a situation where they are in an emergency situation.”


Some hotels are open for business.

The Grand Mauia Resort, in the Grand Mauian Bay area of the Big Island, is open, and there are several hotels on the island.


People are taking their pets to Maui, but the number of pet-friendly hotels is decreasing.

One hotel employee said they have seen a lot more visitors coming in since the hurricane.

“A lot of the people I talked to who are staying here have pets and want to come home, but there are no pet-free hotel rooms,” the employee said.

There may be more to come.

“There will be more people coming in for pets, and then we will see more pet-Friendly hotels open,” she explained.