When it comes to the Jackson Hole Hotel, a new $1.9bn hotel has arrived

Clarion Hotel has officially opened its doors for business.

The luxury hotel has just opened its front doors to the public.

The Clarion hotel has two floors and can be accessed from two different entrances.

Claremont Hotel in Melbourne opened its first floor doors to public last month and has been a regular stopover for visitors to the city.

The hotel is the second of three Clarion hotels to open its doors to tourists.

The first was the Sheraton in Melbourne’s north.

Clarisons first floor opened to the general public on October 29.

It is believed to be the only hotel to have opened to private travellers.

Clarion has been criticised for some of its behaviour, particularly in recent years.

Last year the hotel’s general manager, David Taylor, faced criticism after it emerged the hotel was failing to follow a hotel’s own rules and did not follow a number of codes of conduct.

Clarinet said it followed hotel code of conduct and that its guests are “highly regarded for the respect they have for our guests and guests of Clarion”.

The hotel was also hit with the ABC’s Fair Work Commission’s complaint that its management failed to conduct itself in a professional manner.

It has since been awarded $6.2 million in compensation.

The ABC has contacted Clarion for comment.