What happens when you combine a supermodel and the stANLEY hotel?

STANLEY HOTEL, FLORIDA — (December 8, 2017)– The stANley hotel and the Omni hotel in downtown Dallas are now officially on the same street.

The stANXY Hotel is officially named for the iconic Hotel Del Coronado, which opened in 1910.

The Omni Hotel, which closed its doors for a decade in 2017, was named after the Omni Hotel in downtown Houston.

The two properties are located just outside of downtown Dallas, just steps from the historic and iconic stANXXY Hotel, the stANNXy Hotel, and the STANXy hotel.

The stANNxy is owned by The Stannys, a family owned and operated business that operates a hotel and casino on the outskirts of Houston.

The hotel and its adjoining casino are located on the south side of the historic downtown area, about a half-mile away from the main StANXys’ hotel.

It is owned and managed by a private equity firm.

For more information about the stANSy Hotel and Omni Hotel visit www.stansyhotel.com and www.omnihoteldallas.com