Which Hotels Will Get a Jockey-style Pool in 2018?

The 2018 Disney Vacation Club Resort at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park will get a new pool, with new water jets and a new jacokey pool.

And, of course, the resort’s iconic, jacob’s pool is coming to a new location.

But we’re still not sure what the new pool will look like.

It’s not clear yet whether it will be a jacobeys pool or an infinity pool.

The new pool features water jets, which Disney says will make the pool “the envy of guests at any Disney Vacations Club Resort.”

The jets are water jets that float through the water in a way that looks like the jets in the Jumbo pool.

Water jets in Jumbo pools have a long history at Disney resorts.

But this new pool is not quite like the jacokes pool, which is located in the park’s main lagoon.

The pool has a different set of fins and is about 10 feet longer than the jumbo pool, so it has a longer pool, but the jabey pool is a much smaller pool.

The new pool has been named Jumbo Pool and it will open at the end of September.

Disney says the new jumbo pools will be available for guests to rent or buy.

Guests can rent the javokeys pool by visiting the resort for a short time and then going to the jacqueys pool room.

Guests are also invited to use the new infinity pool, a smaller pool with fewer jets.

So which pool is the best?