Which hotel is best for a family of 4?

The New York Times’ Lauren McGowan explores which hotels have the best family-friendly options in New York City.

The New York Marriott Marquis in Manhattan is one of the most popular destinations in the city, with 4,000 rooms.

It has a comfortable lobby, a full-service restaurant, a gym, a kids’ play area and a movie theater.

But it also offers room service, and for more than 30 percent of its guests, it offers private rooms.

“You can have a room at a Marriott for free,” said Kevin Sullivan, the hotel’s general manager.

“That’s a great way to spend your day.”

The best places to stay for families with kids are the Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency New York, with a combined guest count of 3,400.

“We have a lot of rooming for families of all sizes,” said Sarah Pomerantz, the Grand Hotels general manager, adding that the two hotels offer the best amenities and amenities.

The other top-rated hotels in New Orleans are the Sheraton New Orleans and the Four Seasons Hotel in the French Quarter.

Both of those hotels have a guest count in excess of 4,500.

“The Sheraton offers family-friendliness, the Four Stars is more family-oriented,” said Pomerants.

“It’s also a little bit closer to the French.

But there are great options for families.”

The Best Places to Stay for Families with Kids for Families and KidsWith a guest occupancy rate of 77 percent, the Hilton Garden Inn and Suites in New Jersey is the best place for families to stay when they have kids, according to The New Orleans Times-Picayune.

“It’s not that the hotel doesn’t cater to families, but it’s a bit more tailored to families than a lot a major hotels,” said Heather O’Brien, senior managing editor of The New Yorker Traveler.

“They’re really not as accommodating for kids.

The hotel is a little more of a family destination.”

The hotel has a guest-operated pool, gym, fitness center, outdoor pools, indoor pools and a family-size pool.

Its family-sized pool is located on the first floor.

For more information about hotel accommodations, visit the hotel website.

The best hotels in the area with families include the Four Seas in New Castle, the Ritz-Carlton in Rockland, the Omni in Monroe, the Mandarin Oriental in Nassau and the Sherwood Tahoe in Westchester County.

The most family-specific hotel accommodations are the Three Rivers in Schenectady and the Hyatt in Scarsdale.

“There are a few really great hotels in Scenic Park, but I’m more of an average-sized-kid-centric person,” said Andrew Follman, a senior editor at TripAdvisor.

“I’m not going to have the kids there, but they have great views, great rooms and they have outdoor pools.”

The Top 5 Hotels for Families & Kids with Kids with Best Value For Kids Rooms and RatesBest Value Hotels, with guest occupancy rates 77% Best Value Hotel with Guest Occupancy Rates, with room service and other amenities, in New England, by state, 2017-2019Room Service: $35/night (10 nights) + $15/day (up to a $500 charge)Free Wifi: YesNo Pets: YesChildren under 12 must be accompanied in rooms.

Children under 4 must be in a carrier or a stroller.

Reservations: Bookings made online through the hotel, by phone, by text or by mail.