Why dogs can’t wait for a dog hotel near me

LAS VEGAS (AP) Dogs aren’t the only furry guests at a hotel near you.

If your hotel has one, they might not want you to share it with them.

That’s because dog owners are taking to social media to vent their frustration over how the hotels have treated their furry friends.

In the weeks since the Las Vegas Review-Journal revealed a hotel that’s had two dogs in its room, it’s attracted thousands of new Facebook likes and hundreds of comments from owners who say they’re worried the hotel’s rules don’t apply to their pets.

“I love my dog, but they’re so loud and obnoxious.

They’re not pets.

They can’t even sit at my feet,” said Jennifer Kocke, of Lake Tahoe.

The hotel’s dog rules include keeping pets on a leash and making room for pets in designated areas.

The hotel’s website has an FAQ that says the rules are for guests who are staying at the hotel, and they don’t include pets in the hotel.

The rules were amended last year and are still in effect.

The revised rules allow guests to have a pet if the hotel is “dog friendly.”

But, Kockes husband, Nathan, said he’s been told that is no longer the case.

He said he can’t afford the cost of having a dog, and that he’s worried about his dogs safety and security if he’s not there to care for them.

A hotel spokesman declined to comment on whether the rule has changed, but the hotel told the Review-Journo that the rules were not in effect in 2016.

The resort’s rules say guests are allowed to bring their own food and beverages.

But the rules don\’t mention food, water, or pets, the Review Journal reported.

The Review Journal first reported the new rules on Feb. 10.

A spokesperson for the resort told the paper that the hotel had not received complaints about the rules and had taken the steps outlined in the new guidelines.

“The policy of staying at a Las Vegas hotel is that pets are not allowed at the property,” the spokesperson said.

“The resort reserves the right to deny access to guests and to deny service if they are not a member of our Guest Service team.”

Kocke said he had to take a break from his job at a software company to be at the casino.

He’s now trying to find a new hotel in the same area where he stays, and he has a group of his friends to go with them to a dog park.