How to book hotel rooms at Sanibel Island Resort in California

Travelers planning to stay at Sanilac Island Resort should plan to book their rooms in advance, according to the resort’s website.

The resort’s booking page includes a list of hotels, including the three hotel pools and several suites, and says you can reserve the rooms in a limited number of hours and use up to five of the available rooms for one person.

The reservation will be honored for the entire trip, the resort says.

If you’re a hotelier, be aware that you can only reserve a maximum of two rooms per person.

If you’re not a hotel owner, be sure to check with the resort before making reservations.

A Sanilaca, California, hotel is one of several in California that offer discounted rates to visitors.

For example, the Sanibel island hotel offers two rooms for $99 per night and a one-night stay for $149 per night.