Jackson Hole Hotel says it will close on July 1 after three years

Jackson, Missouri, is on track to become the biggest hotel in the world to close its doors on July 31.

The Jackson Hotel is scheduled to close the first of its three years as a part of a massive hotel renovation that will see the former Hotel du Lac converted into a hotel with a spa, a concert venue, restaurants and a hotel bar.

The hotel will close at 9 p.m. on July 8.

The renovation will be complete by June.

The Jackson hotel in downtown La Belle Reve is expected to close in mid-July.

It will reopen at 10 p. m.

July 8, and will be the first hotel in St. Louis to be closed for a full year, according to the St. Charles Post-Dispatch.

The Jacksons parent company, The Jacksson Group, has owned the hotel since 2011, and had said it was closing its doors as part of the renovations.

The new hotel is expected be fully operational by July 1, according the St Louis Post- Dispatch.

It’s not clear when the new hotel will open.

The hotel is in downtown St. Clair County.